TransPort Estate Arched Gates

TransPort Estate is a revolutionary cantilever gate system made up of a three components; frame, façade, & hardware. Because of its unique design the TransPort Estate can be easily installed without the use of equipment or excess labor. Unlike other enclosed-track cantilever gates, TransPort’s standard component design made up of a top and bottom track, rigid diagonal braces, and uprights make this gate system rigid and well balanced for simplistic functionality.

All members of the TransPort family of cantilever gate products are available for ornamental, chain link, and high security fences. The TransPort is an all weather cantilever sliding gate utilizing an aluminum track extrusion with internal roller assemblies. The gate and track system operate as a single sliding unit. TransPort Cantilever Gates offer superior strength as the track is 60% heavier (by weight) than competitor’s extrusions. They contain double track framing, full tracks on top and bottom. Ameristar’s double-track cantilevers are available for openings up to 30′. Bi-parting cantilevers are available for openings up to 60′. Pair TransPort with our gate opener and access control systems for a complete automatic gate solution.


TransPort Estate Styles


Extended spear-pointed pickets provide the traditional look of Ameristar’s Classic style. One of the most popular style choices for commercial sites, Classic’s timeless design, compliments virtually any landscape.



Ameristar’s Majestic style is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. The Majestic’s flush top rail gives a smooth stately look and blends well with existing landscapes.



The Genesis style offers a stately foreground with its flat-topped extended picket which is reminiscent of traditional wrought iron.  For a more old world look, decorative finials such as triads or quad flares may be added.