Echelon II

Ornamental aluminum fencing has been redefined with the introduction of the Echelon II industrial aluminum fence system. This fence is the strongest and most durable aluminum fence available in the industry. Echelon II’s ForeRunner rail design enables this fence to have several attributes uncommon to typical aluminum fences.

Echelon aluminum fence products are assembled with an internal picket to rail retaining rod, making this aluminum fence a more attractive alternative to the exposed screws or rivets on ordinary aluminum fences. Echelon II aluminum fences have a unique post design with an internal reinforcing web which increases the strength of the overall fence significantly. For more information on Echelon II’s defining features, click the buttons in the column to the right.


Echelon II Styles


Classic Style

Extended spear-pointed pickets provide the traditional look of Ameristar’s popular Classic style. The upward continuation of the vertical pickets through the top rail culminates in an attractive spear formed with a rounded tip, blending a subtle hint of warning into the Classic’s solidly impressive look of traditional ornamental fences.  Available in two, three or four rail options.


Majestic Style

Ameristar’s contemporary Majestic style untilizes a smooth top rail to produce a simple streamlined look that lends itself to a wide variety of applications.  For a more custom look, decorative rings can be added that will further enhance the visual appeal. Echelon II features a unique construction that encompasses heavy duty rails, pickets and posts to make Echelon II the strongest aluminum fence on the market. Majestic is available in 2, 3 and 4 rail configurations.


Genesis Style

The Genesis style is known for flat-topped extended pickets that harken back to traditional wrought iron . Genesis style is the perfect foundation for a customized look thru the addition of picket finials and decorative rings. Echelon II is the strongest ornamental aluminum fence on the market thanks to its unique method of construction. Genesis is available in two, three or four rail options.


Invincible Style

Invincible means ‘incapable of being overcome’.  The gradual outward curve of the picket makes this style a superior alternative to the out dated chain link fencing or even barbed wire fencing.  Invincible is one of the premiere designs of security fences to prevent both a breach and a look tradition of other decorative fences.  Available in two, three or four rail options.