Cantilever Gates

Master Halco’s Fast-Trac® and Twin-Trac® gate systems were specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of commercial and industrial applications. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloy parts, this gate offers a degree of strength, durability, and corrosion resistance that is clearly premier.
  • Certified 6061-T6 structural aluminum frame
  • Available in both chain-link and decorative ornamental iron designs
  • Openings from 6’ to 50’ wide
  • Brushed aluminum or polyester powder coated
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F-1184 standards
  • UL 325 and ASTM F-2200 compliant
  • Available colors: Sierra Brown, Midnight Black,Forest Green, Tan and Olive Green

HIGHER SECURITY 6061-T6 aluminum frame with ultimate tensile strength of at least 42,000 psi and yield strength of at least 35,000 psi, which is 30% stronger than most competitor’s gates

MAXIMUM STRENGTH Adjustable aircraft cable feature prevents sagging of the gate

MAINTENANCE-FREE No wheels or supports at the bottom of the gate or guide track to keep clean

PREVENTS PREMATURE WEAR One-piece aluminum extrusion top frame member and zinc plated truck assemblies & sealed bearings in all wheels

EASY TO OPEN Enclosed track at the top of the gate eliminates dangerous pinch points for maximum safety and durability, reducing the chance of injury

COMPACT DESIGN Requires less space to operate the gate

A Frame Designed for Every Gate Opening Size


  • Single Track
  • Single Gate
  • For openings up to 30 feet wide


  • Dual Track
  • Single Gate
  • For openings 30 feet to 50 feet wide
Black Cantilever Gate
Big Cantilever Gate

Basic Specifications

WARRANTY: Master Halco Cantilever Slide Gates carry a 5-year limited warranty.


  1. GATE FRAMES: Fabricated in accordance with ASTM F 1184 Type II Class 2. Vertical frame members shall be 2 inch square aluminum, with a 0.125″ wall thickness and weighing 1.12 lbs./ft. Top track/frame member shall be a one-piece aluminum extrusion, weighing a minimum of 4.62 lbs./ft. for Fast Trac and 7.95 for lbs./ft. for Twin Trac. Aluminum alloy used shall be 6061-T6 only. Intermediate uprights shall be 2-inch square aluminum spaced equally at no more than 6 feet o.c. subdividing the gate frame into panels. All members shall be welded to form a rigid one-piece gate frame unit.
  2. FABRIC FILLER: Shall match fence and be attached to the frame by means of hook bolts. Fabric shall be attached between each internal upright with hook bolts spaced no more than 15 inches o.c. as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. TRUSSING: Each bay shall be cross-trussed by means of 1/4″ galvanized cable, 2,200 lbs. rated breaking strength, and adjustable turnbuckles bolted to corner gussets. Cable trussing will maintain the structural integrity of the gate while allowing for expansion and contraction of aluminum during various weather conditions.
  4. TRUCK ASSEMBLIES: Shall be swivel type, zinc coated steel, with six (6) factory sealed and lubricated ball bearing rollers. Four vertical rollers shall be 2 inches in diameter x 9/16-inch in width and two ballbearing zinc plated steel side rollers to prevent lateral movement. Truck assemblies shall be mounted on post brackets using 7/8-inch diameter Clevis bolts with a 9/16-inch shank.
  5. BOTTOM GUIDE WHEEL ASSEMBLIES: Two 3 inch diameter wheels (one set) straddling the bottom horizontal gate rail shall be installed, one set on the gate post and one on the overhang post.
  6. END PLUG: After gate has been installed, both ends of the combination track/frame member shall be closed off with a shock-absorbing block bolted through the frame. The bottom 2″ x 4″ horizontal rail shall also have both ends completely closed with aluminum plate that has been continuously welded into place at the factory.
  7. HARDWARE: Gate hangers, latches, brackets and guide assemblies shall be steel, galvanized after fabrication. A positive latch device shall be provided with provisions for padlocking.
  8. POSTS: Gate posts, latch posts and overhang posts shall be 4 inches O.D. Schedule 40 galvanized pipe set in 12 inches x 36 inches deep footings or as recommended by the manufacturer. Concrete shall be sloped to shed water away from the posts.
  9. STYLE: Style of gate frame shall be single or dual track, dictated by size of opening as recommended by manufacturer.
  10. CERTIFICATION: Mill certificates verifying that the 6061-T6 alloy has been used and that all other components of this specification have been met are required.