About Us

We’re a family owned, and operated business established 1957, (incorporated 1976) as Dave Williams Fence Company Inc. In 1998 one of the manufacturers we distribute for gave us grief for running installations out of a distribution point. MO Steel & Wire was born at that time to run the installations through. Today the manufactures no longer care, so I’ve brought the two businesses back together. I needed two sets of books like a hole in the head anyway. We’re dedicated now as in the beginning to provide service and quality merchandise at competitive prices.
We’re among the last of the independent wholesalers (not having been swallowed up by the national conglomerates) serving contractors and fence dealers alike. (Wholesale to qualified buyers only) Retail sales available.
We will, as a courtesy work up a material list from your sketch. You should double check it for accuracy before ordering. We cannot be responsible for errors or omissions.